The Argument

In a world where mathematical breakthroughs are constantly ushering in more and more technological advances, when it comes to the development of the calculator, technology, in turn, is not really returning the favor. That is to say, it is not helping mathematics as much as it should, in this regard.

To illustrate this point, at the present time, year 2017, here is one of the main problems that calculators are facing, and it is where they need the most help: there is not enough computational space. That is to say, simply, that most calculators do not have enough available space to include all the important mathematical operations that exist nowadays. And, that is because their keypads contain a maximum of 50 keys or buttons, thus placing a physical barrier on the amount of items that they can display at any given moment, in time.

Therefore, lack space is the reason why many calculators do not have buttons for key concepts, such as: the golden ratio, Euler’s constant, logarithms on base 2, secant, cosecant, cotangent, and unit conversions – to name just a few of them. Moreover, there is not even room for accommodating the new mathematical developments that come about with the inevitable passage of time.



Now, the time has come to introduce an application that is truly one of a kind. It is the Scientific Professional Mathematics Calculator, which goes by the acronym: “SciPro Math“.

And here is the good news: “SciPro Math” masterfully overcomes the barrier of the lack of computational space. To do so, the developer and programmer, Roberto A. Campusano, created the system of “Coordinated Functions Keys” (CFK) to be able to exponentially increase the amount of operations that can be displayed and performed on a keypad, at any point in time – thus producing a marvelous result.

Not being the subject of space constraints, incredibly, the application is able to display and perform over 440 operations, and it packages all this data on a keypad that contains only 50 buttons. Four function keys, located in the control section of the calculator, allow the user to navigate through 16 different operational screens, these are: 2nd, 3rd, rad (4th), and 5th. In the keypad, the contents as well as the color of certain buttons do change in response to each combination of the four function keys, that make up the navigation system, according of the theme covered on the screen.



Now, with the system of “Coordinated Function Keys” in place, the application contains all kinds of exotic operations, formulas, functions, constants, equations, and a lot of variables intended to store a myriad of important data. These variables are all spread out throughout the different screens of the calculator.



Given that there is so much computational power now available, the benefits for the end user are enormous. Here are just a few of them:

Using storage variables to hold the values of the coefficients, students are now able to enter entire Linear, Quadratic, Cubic, or even Quartic Equations right on the application and save, solve, and evaluate them, live, .

There is no need to write that much. Just solve and store the solutions right on the application itself. The calculator has a great storage capability available to the user.

Use the calculator for doing unit conversions within a particular system of measurements, but also for performming unit conversions between and across different systems of measurements, namely: the Imperial and Metric.

Instead of doing complex calculations by hand, like evaluating equations, avoid making silly mistakes, let “SciPro Math” do them for you.

Since the calculator can simulate tossing a coin or rolling a dice, it is a very useful tool to have next to you for games of chance.

Bring your computing power with you everywhere you go: to school or work, on vacation or business trip, to the mountains. The application will be on phone ready to assist you for when you least expect it. It will not disappoint you.

Other benefits will become more apparent as users become more familiar with the numerous capabilities of the application.



  • Control section
  • Function bar: 2nd, 3rd, rad (4th), 5th, →(X)v, Reset, Save, Load, (•••)
  • Navigation System
  • Coordinated Functions Keys (CFK)
  • Navigation functions: 2nd, 3rd, rad (4th), 5th
  • Simple display of the operations
  • Only one operation is displayed on each button, on every screen
  • It contains 16 different screens of operations
  • It can perform up 440 different of operations
  • Comprehensive color management system
  • Each button that is pressed lights up with a highlight color for a specific time period and then returns to its normal state
  • Each screen of operations uses a unique color scheme
  • The navigation system manages the operations and the colors that are displayed on each of the buttons
  • Memory variables: Av to Zv
  • A function Key for transfering and storing values to the memory variables “→(X)v
  • Reset function
  • Save program function
  • Load program function
  • Color scheme switch function (•••)
  • Calculations display on the screen
  • Proper unit formatting
  • Delete key
  • All-clear key
  • Memory-add key
  • Memory-subtract key
  • Memory-clear key
  • Memory-retrieve key
  • Linear, quadratic, cubic, quartic equations
  • Standard and slope-intersect form
  • 2×2 and 3×3 matrices
  • Unit conversion
  • Metric and Imperial system of measurements
  • Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Probability, Finance, Unit Coversions




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