The Argument

In a world where mathematical breakthroughs are constantly ushering in more and more technological advances, when it comes to the development of the calculator, technology is not really returning the favor, in turn. That is to say, it is not helping mathematics as much as it should, in this regard.

To illustrate this point, at the present time, year 2017, here is one of the main problems that calculators are facing, and it is where they need the most help: there is not enough computational space. That is to say, simply, that most calculators do not have enough available space to include all the important mathematical operations that exist nowadays. And, that is because their keypads contain a maximum of 50 keys or buttons, thus placing a physical barrier on the amount of items that they can display at any given moment, in time.

Therefore, lack space is the reason why many calculators do not have buttons for key concepts, such as: the golden ratio, Euler’s constant, logarithms on base 2, secant, cosecant, cotangent, and unit conversions – to name just a few of them. Moreover, there is not even room for accommodating the new mathematical developments that come about with the inevitable passage of time.

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