The Navigation System

“SciPro Math” houses the most incredible navigation system ever designed for any calculator. It is the heart and soul of the application.

Four powerful function keys, located in the control section of the App, manage both contents and the color of the buttons that make up the operations’ area of the App. These function keys are the following: 2nd, 3rd, rad (4th), and 5th. And, there are 16 possible ways to combine them.

Together, they manage 16 different screens containing over 400 mathematical operations. Each combination of the function keys represents a single command, or identity call, that, when executed, makes the operations’ section of the App react in a unique way. Immediately after the navigation system sends a command, the symbols and colors displayed on the operations’ buttons change, and the screens where the information is located is given a mathematical title and numeric value, as identification.

When ran, the calls from the navigation system create a lively, colorful visual effect that informs and entertains the user. At times, it feels as though you are playing some sort of game.

Enjoy the unlimited power of “SciPro Math”.

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